Partnership award for East Lothian athletics group

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At the annual Scottish Athletic Gala award dinner in Glasgow, East Lothian Athletic Development Group was nominated for the Scottish Athletic Partnership award for the second year.

The award is given to groups who work with councils and other governing bodies in conjunction with local clubs to maximise the combined skills and resources of officials and volunteers to develop athletics.

This year, the award went to the East Lothian group, who have built upon the success of the Awards for All grant from 2010 which took athletics into all county schools.

They now have a brand new athletics arena at Meadowmill, and the services of a new athletics development officer to help improve standards and build on the legacy of the Olympics and Paralympics.

Also at the awards ceremony, HELP’s newly-appointed chairman was a nominee for the Children’s Coach of the year for his work with both HELP’s young athletes and the Lothian Leopards group for young athletes with a disability.

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