Joint team flies flag for East Lothian

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After considerable organisational issues Team East Lothian took its first steps on Sunday at Kelvin Hall in the Scottish Indoor Athletic League.

The concept of a joint team for athletes from East Lothian clubs has developed because so many of East Lothian’s talented young athletes have moved to other established clubs in order to get the coaching and competition that the established clubs were unable to offer.

It has also meant that Team East Lothian can combine the talents of both athletes and coaches from the three established clubs, but preserve their individual status as clubs for non-championship and league competition.

With the arrival of the new athletic development officer and the opening of the new track at Meadowmill, a development squad of young athletes from across the county has been established with the result that a small but enthusiastic group of young athletes were able to take part in the first indoor league match at Kelvin Hall Glasgow on Sunday. Team manager Mike Howard from MADAC was delighted with the turnout of 15 youngsters, supported by coaches and parents from the other clubs in East Lothian.

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