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Bailie Kent sent two Musselburgh women, aged 39 and 30 years, to prison for 60 days with hard labour for what was described as a most brutal assault on an elderly widow woman in North High Street, Musselburgh. The elderly woman had gone to Watt’s Close to pay sixpence, a debt owed. She found the two accused seated at the fireside very much under the influence of drink. Both the accused started abusive language. One woman seized an enamel quart jug and struck the elderly woman two or three blows on the top of her head. The elderly woman managed to draw the attention of passers by.


Musselburgh United Sea Cadet Corps have just completed their most successful year since they were formed in 1954. The highlight was reached when a letter was received from the Admiral Commanding Reserves informing the unit that they had been awarded an Efficiency Pendant for their work in 1962. The units are judged on their training standards, advancement of the cadets, and various services to the area in which they are situated.


East Lothian MP Mr John Home Robertson voted in favour of the televisising of the proceedings of the House of Commons for an experimental period on Tuesday night. “I have always favoured the principle of the House of Commons being broadcast and televised so people can see what is going on. I have had misgivings in the past because I do not trust television producers to give fair treatment to different parties and individuals. But this is for an experimental period.”

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