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The Musselburgh Shop Assistants FC travelled by motor to Haddington yesterday to play Haddington Assistants FC at the public park. Haddington played a good game in the first half. After half-time Musselburgh scored through Manson and Thomson. Result - a draw of three goals each. Musselburgh Shop Assistants are engaged to meet the Edinburgh and District Hairdressers on Thursday afternoon at Mall Park.


The “big freeze” continues into its fifth week, with no let-up, and another hazard is added to the cold and ice - namely fire. The Musselburgh Fire Station have had their busiest four weeks for a long time and unless there is a break in the weather, they expect to become even busier. Station Office W Graham stated this week that the cold weather had seen an increase in chimney and other house fires. He attributed these to the extra use made of heaters and fires in low temperatures. He blamed the public for not obeying the instructions given with paraffin heaters.


East Lothian’s beleaguered hospital service is lurching towards another major crisis. For lightning strikes are planned by ancilliary staff at local hospitals after Lothian Health Board voted to seek competitive tenders for catering services. The move will affect the following hospitals in East Lothian: Belhaven, East Fortune, Edenhall, Edington Cottage, Herdmanflat, Roodlands and Parkhouse Day Centre. The latest blow to the morale of health workers follows the revelation of shock plans to close a number of local hospitals.

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