Warning over seal pups

Seal pup

Seal pup

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Residents and visitors in East Lothian are being warned to keep their distance from seal pups they spot on the shore.

The breeding season is in full swing on islands in the Firth of Forth, with the youngsters born until late December

While the seal pups may look cute they can be dangerous and will bite. They also carry bacteria that is extremely dangerous to humans and other animals.

Staff at the North Berwick-based Scottish Seabird Centre have advised people not to get too close and keep dogs under control. Paul Nixon, discovery centre manager, said: “At this time of year seal pups are born every day on the Isle of May National Nature Reserve and on Craigleith. We warn all visitors to stay away if they spot any seals or seal pups that have come to the mainland. A pup may look abandoned but it is very likely that their mother is close by. If they get human scent on them, they could be abandoned.”

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