Volunteers sought for Haddington hedge work

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The community is being asked to help put in some spadework to help plant 70 metre long hedge at the 18th century walled garden at Amisfield, Haddington, later this month.

The eight acre horticultural haven, formerly part of an estate owned by the Earl of Wemyss and March, is being restored to its former glory by a team of enthusiastic volunteers. Native plant species are being chosen to provide nectar, berries and shelter in an effort to attract a variety of insects, birds and mammals.

The walled garden, one of the largest in Scotland, is owned by East Lothian Council and leased to local charity, the Amisfield Preservation Trust.

Creation of the hedge is part of the project which is being funded by CSV Action Earth organised by Community Service Volunteers. As part of this year’s campaign, Scottish Natural Heritage is supporting around 170 projects in Scotland through grant awards of up to £500 to groups that will support and encourage volunteering through practical environmental initiatives.

Kate Rycroft, who is co-ordinating the Amisfield project, is keen to see as many people as possible go along at 10.30am on Saturday, November 24.

She said: “Everybody can get involved in conserving biodiversity. It is a shared resource and a shared responsibility. From the smallest individual action to a national campaign, every contribution helps. The CSV Action Earth Awards are designed to help groups of volunteers take practical action to improve and create places for wildlife and Amisfield walled garden is a perfect place to do it.”

Anyone who is keen to learn new skills and improve the local environment should contact enquiries@amisfield.org.uk or call Clare Scott on 01620 823217.

If you would like to register your own project or think you can come up with a good project idea, then please take part in the campaign. Register at http://actionearth.csv.org.uk or call CSV Action Earth on 0131 222 9083.

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