Spate of small fires in Wallyford

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DARKER nights and the run-up to Bonfire Night were blamed for a spate of small fires in Wallyford earlier this week.

Four incidents took place within a four-hour period on Monday eventing, with three of those occurring on Albert Place.

Another such incident took place in the same street at 8.53pm the previous day, involving a bonfire at Wallyford Community Centre.

Local Senior Fire Officer David Lockhart said: “This is not necessarily a problem solely related to Wallyford – it’s more to do with the darker nights, and young people are getting themselves involved in activities like this in the run-up to Bonfire Night.”

Monday’s incidents began at 5.55pm with firefighters extinguishing rubbish alight on open ground at Albert Place. Then at 7.46pm, they put out more rubbish on fire adjacent to a play park, again at Albert Place. Just over an hour later, at 8.51pm, wheelie bins had been set alight, yet again at Albert Place. A night of frustration was completed at 9.28pm with a recycling bin on fire at Wallyford Industrial Estate.

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