Sandstone sentinels to guard seafront

Sculptor Gardner Molloy with stones for Fisherrow carvings

Sculptor Gardner Molloy with stones for Fisherrow carvings

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Two new “guards” are being employed to deter wayward motorists from driving along a footpath near historic Fisherrow Harbour.

A pair of stone fishermen are being carved by local sculptor Gardner Molloy to act as sentinels on the seafront.

The artistic bollards were commissioned by the Fisherrow Waterfront Group in response to complaints from local residents about motorists driving along the Promenade by mistake.

The aim of the sandstone fishermen - being unveiled outside Fisherrow Yacht Club next month - is to remind drivers where the road ends and the path begins.

Aileen Grant, vice-chairman of the waterfront group, said: “We looked at getting pieces of local stone, and then someone suggested getting a small mussel shell carved into the rock.

“We asked advice from Gardner Molloy, and before we knew it we had come up with the idea of making the bollards into stone carvings highlighting the history of the area.

“The sculptural treatment will turn the stones into two fishermen pulling on an imaginary rope. One of the fishermen will be wee and fat, the other taller and thinner.

“They will act like sentinels at the entrance to the footway, discouraging cars from driving along while still allowing access for emergency and maintenance vehicles.

“We are hoping that the new fishermen will complement Fisherrow’s historic harbour, provide some new public focus for the area and also address local concerns about stray cars driving along the seafront.”

Funding for the project was provided through East Lothian Council’s capital works budget, intended to support physical improvements along Fisherrow Promenade.

Mr Molloy accompanied members on a visit to Hutton’s Stone in the Borders and chose two pieces of East Lothian Swinton sandstone for the carvings.

The group worked closely with the council’s landscape and countryside officer Stuart Pryde on the siting of the stones at the rear of the yacht club.

“The money we are spending from East Lothian Council will be put to good use and will improve the physical environment of the waterfront area and hopefully make it look better for residents and users,” added Ms Grant.

In other recent projects, the waterfront group has successfully campaigned for the Back Sands to become a designated bathing beach and has organised beach cleans.

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