Police campaign focuses on housebreaking

Picture: Police Scotland

Picture: Police Scotland

Housebreaking in East Lothian is being targeted as part of a national campaign to identify those responsible for break-ins and thefts.

Since April 1, Police Scotland has provided dedicated resources to communities to tackle crimes of violence, sexual assaults and domestic abuse and, as a result, greater numbers of these offences are being reported and solved.

During this time, the force noticed an overall increase of around four per cent in housebreaking, with a number of areas reporting greater levels of crime than the national average.

Housebreaking has been identified as a priority for certain regions, including East Lothian, and these divisions will now be provided with additional resources and support to address the issue as part of Operation RAC.

In each location, dedicated policing teams have been created to exclusively investigate housebreakings within homes, outbuildings and businesses and apprehend the individuals responsible.




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