Phone-using drivers targeted by police

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Police officers in East Lothian are today (Wednesday) targeting drivers who don’t wear seat belts and use mobile phones.

As part of an ongoing national campaign, enforcement activity will be concentrated on busy arterial routes as well as in local towns.

Police will also be monitoring vehicles to detect if young children are not properly secured in car seats.

Inspector Richard Latto said: “Despite significant progress towards progress in reducing casualties on our roads, there are still too many people killed or seriously injured as a result of collisions on our road networks.

“Within the Lothian and Scottish Borders region, we have a number of strategic routes which carry fast-moving vehicles.

“The effect of this is that when collisions do occur impact speeds are that much higher, resulting in the potential for more serious injuries.

“It is, therefore, imperative that drivers are not distracted by their mobile phones and that all vehicle occupants are properly secured in their vehicles.

“Anyone found to be driving whilst using a phone or device that causes distraction while driving or who is not utilising their seat belt can expect to be dealt with by police.”

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