MSP backs Scottish Vision Strategy

Picture by Chris Watt.

Picture by Chris Watt.

East Lothian MSP Iain Gray has pledged his support for the Scottish Vision Strategy - a national campaign to ensure no one in Scotland loses their sight unnecessarily, and that those who are blind and partially sighted can live as independently as possible.

The five-year strategy has been agreed by a coalition of government, ophthalmologists, opticians and sight loss charities. Fifty per cent of sight loss is avoidable, points out the charity RNIB Scotland, and for some conditions it can be arrested or even reversed if treatment is given in time. That is why it is important that people get their eyes examined every two years. In Scotland eye examinations are free.

Mr Gray said: “I am very pleased to support the Scottish Vision Strategy. People here in East Lothian and across Scotland have the right to expect that they will receive the best possible service when

it comes to eye health. In many ways Scotland is already a leader, but we are an ageing population and inevitably more people will start to lose sight.

“The updated strategy sets out plans for helping to contain this increase by raising awareness and understanding of eye health, particularly focusing on people most at risk of eye disease. It also seeks to ensure that people who experience sight loss have access to the best possible treatment, and that Scotland becomes a more inclusive society where people with sight loss can fully participate.”

The updated Scottish Vision Strategy was published in October 2013. It can be downloaded at www.rnib.org.uk/eyehealth/Documents/Scot_Vision_Strategy_refresh.pdf




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