MSP backs International Workers’ Memorial Day

Iain Gray supports Workers' Memorial Day

Iain Gray supports Workers' Memorial Day

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Iain Gray, MSP for East Lothian, met representatives campaigning in the Scottish Parliament for better safety standards for workers.

Scottish Hazards and Families Against Corporate Killers (FACK) hosted an exhibition in the parliament to highlight their campaigns for International Workers’ Memorial Day on Monday.

Statistics produced by the Health and Safety Executive reveal that 22 workers were killed in work-related incidents in Scotland last year – an increase from the previous year. Many hundreds more each year die due to work-related illnesses.

Iain Gray MSP said: “We can never let attention to safety at work slip because it is completely unacceptable in the 21st century that anyone should go to work and not come home due to a fatal accident.

“This is why we have regulations – to protect people from unnecessary risk or harm. These are belittled when considered only as ‘red tape’ in need of cutting.

“These statistics show that campaigns such as this still need the strong support of politicians and others, as rights to a safe working environment will always be under threat by those willing to compromise them in turn for a quick profit.”

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