Major work on Galloway pier

East Lothian Council

East Lothian Council

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North Berwick’s Galloway Pier is undergoing major reconstruction that will extend it and raise its height by one metre. The work is being carried out to make it accessible over a longer period during low tide, when otherwise the surface level of the pier is too low relative to the level of vessels.

The project will also enhance access by improving the gradient of the pier from the back of the harbour, widening the path and installing a handrail.

The renovations will cost £488,288 split between East Lothian Council and SEStran. SEStran’s contribution of €165388 will be provided from EU funding through iTransfer (Innovative Transport Solutions for Fjords, Estuaries and Rivers); an EU funded project which aims to make ferry transport more accessible and sustainable, and to encourage more people to travel by water in the North Sea Region .

SEStran Chairman Russell Imrie said: “SEStran sees ferry transportation as an excellent sustainable option for South East Scotland. The Forth estuary should be a transportation hub, not a barrier, but this can only be achieved if the port facilities are suitable for modern vessels.”

“The renovation of Galloway Pier wll extend its usefulness by making it far more accessible and more suitable for low tide landings”.

“As part of our involvement with the i-Transfer project SEStran is also currently working with Maid of the Forth ; a privately owned tourist ferry service, to establish services from North Berwick Harbour to the Bass Rock, Anstruther and the Isle of May, using the most fuel-efficient operation of Maid of the Forth’s vessel. We are currently trialing fuel flow meters and biodiesel fuel mixtures to ensure that the vessel is as sustainable as possible”.

Environment spokesman for East Lothian Council,

Councillor Norman Hampshire added: “This work will greatly improve the berthing conditions for leisure boats and support the tourism industry in North Berwick. It will also provide opportunties fo greater accessibility by other future water based transport options”.

Inverness based contractors, Anderson Group, started work on the pier on 2nd June and the improvements are scheduled to be complete by 4th August 2014

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