Living wage introduced in East Lothian

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East Lothian Council has agreed to introduce the Scottish Government’s ‘Living Wage’ structure, giving £7.20 an hour to all workers under its direct control.

Currently around 145 employees earn less than £7.20 per hour. The initial whole year cost of implementing the ‘Living Wage’ would be in the region of £54,000.

In addition, there were a further 150 casual/relief workers who have not been included in the figures. As their hours of work varied considerably from day to day, it was not possible to quantify the cost of paying them the ‘Living Wage.’

Council leader Willie Innes, Labour, said: “It’s been a long time in coming and is a manifesto commitment that this council has put into place. Up to 300 staff will now receive a Living Wage and I think that’s something to be welcomed.”

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