Festive drink-drive warning

Festive drink driving campaign.

Festive drink driving campaign.

Drivers are being urged to consider the consequences of drinking and driving this Christmas.

Motorists face tough legal penalties if they drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel.

Over 20,000 drivers in Scotland are stopped by police every month.

If they’re breathalysed and found to be even slightly over the limit in the eyes of the law they’re considered a drunk driver.

Penalties include an automatic loss of licence and a criminal record of a minimum of 20 years.

A conviction can affect job prospects, relationships and finances.

The 2013 festive drink drive campaign was launched by the Scottish Government, Road Safety Scotland, Police Scotland and their road safety partners.

It will run on TV, radio, online and in bars and workplaces to remind drivers of the long-term consequences of drink driving.




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