East Lothian residents give their views on the European Union (Video)

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Labour polled the highest number of votes in East Lothian at last week’s European elections.

The party won 8145 votes, followed by the SNP (6781), Conservatives (5807), UKIP (2756), Greens (2250), Liberal-Democrats (1586), Britain First (246), BNP (137) and NO2EU (101).

Scotland will be represented by six MEPS: Two Labour, two SNP, and one each Conservative and UKIP.

As voters went to the polls last Thursday, we asked shoppers in Musselburgh if the UK should remain in the European Union or leave.

Gordon Hastie (64), from Musselburgh, said: “I used to be pro-Europe and now I’m not so sure. The EU has grown massively, and continues to grow, and I am concerned about the impact of this on our nation’s sovereignty.”

Andrew Donaldson (45), North Berwick, said: “I would prefer to stay in. I honestly believe we are better off in the EU - with the status quo - rather than operating as an individual state.”

Dominic Jordinson (49), Musselburgh, said: “We should definitely come out. I don’t like being told by somebody in Brussels how we should live our lives here in Britain and what is right and wrong for wrong-doers.”

Wallace Aitken (59), Wallyford, said: “I’ve no objection to being in the EU, although I struggle to see the benefits. It can be difficult to find Scottish produce, like leeks and potatoes, and yet you find them from across Europe .”

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