Dunbar Harbour receives repair funding

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Up to £100,000 in emergency funding has been allocated for repairs to Dunbar harbour which was affected by storm damage last year.

But spokesman for the Scottish Government could not say if North Berwick, which also suffered destruction, would benefit from any of the extra £1 million Scottish Government aid.

The storms, which were caused by an unusual combination of south easterly gales, low pressures and high tides, were described as the worst in decades and caused damage across Scotland.

An East Lothian Council spokesman said it allocated £50,000 for North Berwick harbour repairs from its own contingency funds and insurance claims.

He stressed that the council did not formally apply for funding from the Scottish Government, adding: “If we get some money, that would be quite welcome.”

The funding will be used towards the costs to repair harbours, sea walls, and quaysides to ensure fisheries harbours remained operational. Dunbar Harbour Trust was one of several operators to be allocated funding since December and talks are ongoing with other harbours.

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