Driving instructor’s on-board video camera captures Musselburgh crash

High Street/Dalrymple Loan junction, Musselburgh.

High Street/Dalrymple Loan junction, Musselburgh.

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Calls have been made for improved safety at a notorious Musselburgh junction following an accident at the weekend.

A driving instructor was parked at traffic lights in Dalrymple Loan when his on-board video camera recorded the incident on Saturday afternoon.

The driver of a Peugeot 207 collided with a lamppost outside the Caprice restaurant after swerving to avoid a Fiat, which appeared to turn into its path.

Driving instructor Robert Siladi, from Broxburn, was relieved to see the drivers and passengers of both vehicles walk away from the scene, seemingly unhurt.

He has since posted the video on YouTube along with advice to motorists to leave a safe gap between oncoming vehicles and then check both lanes before turning right.

Local SNP Musselburgh councillors John Williamson and Stuart Currie have already asked roads officials at East Lothian Council to check the sequence of traffic lights at the busy junction.

“We have real concerns that the current sequencing of traffic lights means that drivers can turn in to Dalrymple Loan without being able to see traffic which has a green light to go towards Mall Avenue,” said Councillor Currie.

“There have been many near misses and action is required now.”

In September last year, a cyclist suffered serious head injuries after being knocked off his bike by a Volkswagen Polo as it turned right at the same spot.

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