Driver is rescued as storms batter county

Car crushed by a tree at Humbie.

Car crushed by a tree at Humbie.

A delivery driver came to the rescue of a woman whose car was crushed by a tree as it fell across a Humbie road in last Thursday’s storm.

The incident occurred on Thursday morning, when East Lothian, like much of Scotland, was battered by gale-force winds and driving rain.

Alan Smith, who works for the powered access rental company AFI, came to the aid of the female motorist after a tree smashed on to her car.

Just minutes earlier, he had escaped being a victim after passing the wind-lashed tree while it was still upright.

He turned around his truck after realising he had missed his turn off – and, when he came back along road, he saw the car crushed by the tree.

Alan, a driver at AFI’s Glasgow depot, said: “As soon as I saw the car I realised what a close call I’d had myself.

“I heard screaming coming from inside, so I called the emergency services and ran to the car. The door was twisted, but I managed to prise it open and get the woman out.

“The tree had not only crushed the roof, but it had also come in through the windscreen and was just inches away from the driver. She was in shock, but, miraculously, was uninjured.”

The high tide and storm surge battered the coastline, bringing the waves over the wall and above the walkways at the harbour in North Berwick.

The town’s lower quay, where householders had been issued with sandbags, was immersed with water at the highest tide around 4pm.

The town faired better than a year ago when a storm wreaked havoc, leaving a trail of destruction caused by a tidal surge which broke sea walls which had stood for more than 150 years.

East Lothian Council reported no major flooding in the county, although a few properties were affected.

There was structural damage to the sea wall at Lamer Street in Dunbar and several properties lost their electricity supply. Aberlady was also hit by a power cut.

A council spokeswoman said: “Despite the unusual weather accompanied by the storm surge, resulting in a risk to public safety and property, there were no reported injuries and little damage, partly due to early warnings.

“The deployment of flood barriers and sand bags by council staff at strategic positions helped to prevent a more serious situation arising.”




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