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Haddington Sheriff Court

Haddington Sheriff Court

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A Tranent woman allowed her passenger to take over the wheel of her car after she fell ill.

But, unfortunately, for driver Stephanie Riding the man, Liam Bailey, was not covered under her insurance policy and he subsequently crashed into a stationary vehicle in nearby Prestonpans.

Riding, 26 Steil Grove, was driving her Volkswagen Golf when she claims she was overcome with sickness and had to pull over. Mr Bailey agreed to drive the rest of the journey even though the policy did not cover him.

Solicitor Susan Gibson told Haddington Sheriff Court her client had been “open with police” after the pair were caught, and that she had only jumped into the passenger seat due to feeling “dizzy and sick”.

Ms Gibson added the unemployed mother-of-two “was aware she was the only one insured” to legally drive the vehicle, but had allowed her passenger to drive anyway.

epute fiscal Robert Freeland told the court the couple were driving through Prestonpans when witnesses heard “a loud bang” at around 7.10pm on December 17 last year.

Mr Freeland added: “The witness heard a loud bang and she proceeded towards the incident.

“She saw the VW Golf had driven into the rear of a stationary vehicle, which pushed it along the road for several feet. She also noticed that the accused was in the passenger seat and the driver was Mr Bailey.

“Police were called and she was asked [by officers] if she was the registered keeper and she said she was aware she was the only insured for the vehicle.”

Riding admitted to allowing Liam Bailey to use a motor vehicle without any valid insurance at Bankton Terrace, Prestonpans, on December 17, 2013 when she appeared at the county court on Wednesday.

Sheriff Peter Braid fined Riding £150 and ordered six penalty points to be added to her previously clean driving licence.

Riding was also appearing on separate charges including a community payback order review which was continued to a review on May 14, a breach matter and a deferred sentence which were all deferred to the same May date.

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