Asda pledge to Dunbar

Asda does not have "an open cheque book" to hand out cash in Dunbar but will help with local projects both charitable and environmental.

That was the message given out by Steven Kane, general store manager, at the monthly meeting of Dunbar Community Council.

He stressed that the company — due to open its new supermarket at Spott Road at 10am on November 19 — wanted to get involved in the community, not just give out money.

He said: "Asda does not have an open cheque book and has had a number of requests for sponsorship and money."

The meeting heard that Asda could help with the Christmas lights and also charitable and environmental projects such as cleaning up the entrances to the town, and planting trees and shrubs.

Kilvert Croft pointed out that there was a chance for Dunbar to enter the Beautiful Scotland competition and Mr Kane said he would take that on board.


He also agreed that Bob Ferguson's suggestion to site benches and picnic tables at the Bleachingfield play area could be a project for Asda.

Chairman Stephen Bunyan said there was a feeling that the supermarket was going to be too small and asked if it was going to stock children's clothes as this was something local people wanted.

Mr Kane said the store would be 20,000 square feet and 245 parking spaces would also be provided.

He explained that an unmanned petrol station would operate 24 hours a day and credit and debit cards could be used.

Mr Kane told community councillors that the clothing range, which would not include men's wear, would occupy 2,500 square feet in the building.

He said if demand dictated, the supermarket could be extended and added that the company would listen to what customers wanted.


Mr Kane said the company aimed to employ 170 people and so far 150 had been contracted — 98 per cent who were new to the company and from Dunbar itself.

Mr Kane said Asda wished to talk to the local trades' association to explore how to support them and "not take away from them."

Herbert Coutts asked that Asda representatives attend another community council meeting in a few months to share their thoughts on how the supermarket was operating, saying the on-going relationship with the community was "invaluable."

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