Anger at internet criticism against Musselburgh school

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The headteacher of Musselburgh Grammar has defended the school against “malicious comments” posted on social media sites in the wake of a recent drugs scare involving some of his pupils.

An ambulance was called to the Grammar last Wednesday when a group of girls became ill after sharing prescription drugs, smuggled from home into the school by an S1 pupil.

The alarm was raised after the children - all aged 11 to 13 - complained of feeling “sick and dizzy” to one of their teachers, having taken some form of tablet.

After being checked at the scene by paramedics, two of the seven girls were taken to hospital by their parents and released later the same day.

Lothian and Borders Police, who are now investigating the incident, also agreed to look into the “inappropriate use” of Facebook and Twitter as events unfolded.

East Lothian Council confirmed this week that local officers had been asked to investigate a number of comments relating to the activities of certain pupils, which were both “offensive and patently untrue.”

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