A new way to send the East Lothian & Musselburgh News your stories, photos and videos

Our new tool makes it easier to send stories, pictures and video

Our new tool makes it easier to send stories, pictures and video

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The team at the News is always keen to receive your news and to see photographs or videos of your special event or something interesting you’ve come across.

Some of the news and views we publish in our paper and on our website already comes from our readers as well as from our own editorial team.

Now, we have a new online tool which will make sharing your words, pictures and videos with us much easier.

On this website you’ll be able to share stories, photographs and videos with us and our many readers simply by clicking on the icons in the “Share Your Story” box.

You’ll be able to:

Tell us your story

Send in your photographs

Upload your videos.

Maybe you’ve seen something you’d like others to know about. Perhaps you have news from your neighbourhood. Or you’re a regular contributor to our sport, leisure or opinion columns.

We’re always looking to get our readers involved in the stories that matter most to them. It could be you’ve reached a milestone. Perhaps broken a record or beaten the best. We love a feel-good story, especially if it comes with a photograph of any celebrations.

Or maybe you’re about to bathe in beans or are baking a cake for charity. Tell us what you’re doing to make a difference in your community and we’ll get right behind you.

Jo Robinson, editor of the News said: “We want everything in our paper and on our website to reflect the communities in which we all live.

“We know that lots of our readers want to share their news, pictures and videos with us and so we’re making it much easier for everyone to do this. We can’t promise to publish everything we receive, but we’ll do what we can to show as many readers’ news, pictures and videos as we can.”

The News’ new upload tool can be found right, you’ll also see it just under the Video section and above the What’s On section.

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