5 minutes with Phil Tufnell, former cricketer turned TV celebrity

Phil Tufnell

Phil Tufnell

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When you retired from cricket in 2002, did you always plan to go into TV?

Yes, I suppose so. I was doing some commentary and telly stuff regarding the cricket. Then I went into the jungle, won that, and a few other things came along. I wouldn’t say it was planned, but I was always looking to do that – you’ve got to retire sometime. It can be a strange time for a sportsman, but I was very lucky to have an opportunity to go into the media.

I’m A Celebrity... seemed to come along at the right time for you.

Yes, for sure. I was just retiring from cricket and it sounded like great fun and a challenge, which I was up for. Things went from there. I’m still involved with the game I love and I’m doing all sorts of bits and pieces elsewhere. It’s all gone quite well – fingers crossed it keeps going!

Do you miss being involved in sport full-time?

I’m very lucky, I turn up to some very smart places now to do commentary – Lord’s and suchlike. I’m still involved with A Question of Sport, so I get to see all the guys while doing that. Playing sport is very good for your fitness. It saved my life for sure – 20-odd years of running about in the sunshine, it was great.

Strictly Come Dancing must have kept you fit too.

For sure, yes. But I’m still involved with sport and I’m enjoying our sporting summer. It’s been an upheaval for the English cricket team, they’ve undergone some big changes.

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