5 minutes with Blake Harrison who is well known for playing Neil Sutherland in the E4 comedy The Inbetweeners. He is appearing in the film Keeping Rosy which heads to London on June 27 .

Blake Harrison

Blake Harrison

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What’s Keeping Rosy about? It’s an intense psychological thriller. Maxine Peake takes the lead, playing a woman called Charlotte who seems to have everything you could ever want - a great job, loads of money and a penthouse in Canary Wharf. She makes a big mistake and then has to fight to claw her life back, and starts to re-evaluate and take stock of what she’s done.

And what about the character you play? I play Roger, who is, I suppose, the complete opposite to Charlotte. He doesn’t have money and has no pride in his job whatsoever. He works as a security guard, watching CCTV footage to make sure these very posh flats are running smoothly. He stumbles across some incriminating footage of Charlotte that gives him an opportunity to get his hands on some money. He develops as the film goes on; he’s a much darker character that you first think.

It sounds like a departure for you. Was that intentional? I’ve been lucky enough to do bits of theatre that have been in a similar vein, but in terms of film and TV it’s a massive departure and that’s definitely something I’m interested in doing more of. Comedy is something I just fell into - Inbetweeners was the first job I got, I didn’t even have an agent at the time.

How did you get the role? It was mainly the script that sold it to me. I was in LA doing pilot season, constantly reading loads of scripts, and this came through, this really small, independent British film, and it was the best thing I read while I was out there. I loved it, it’s got lots of twists and turns and it never quite goes where the audience expects it to go.

Working with Maxine Peake must be great - she’s fast becoming an icon. She’s just a really lovely woman and an incredibly talented actress. To use a silly phrase, she really ‘brings it’; she’s on the ball as soon as the day starts, she wants to smash it out and she brings a lot of energy. As an actor working opposite her, you want to try and match that.

In stark contrast, you’ve got the second Inbetweeners movie coming up. They could not be more different! There’s a lot more male genitalia in The Inbetweeners 2 than there is in Keeping Rosy! So if male genitalia is your thing, go see The Inbetweeners, but if very clever psychological thrillers are for you, then watch Keeping Rosy. But preferably go and see both.

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