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Dirleton turbine

Mr Martingale said that if Historic Scotland had objected to Dirleton Castle turbines they would have had to redefine their levels of objection across the whole country (News, February 8).

I beg to differ. They and East Lothian Council just had to follow their own guidelines. They were both supposed to have considered the views to and from the historic building. Neither considered the view from the castle in their submitted reports.

If they had reported on the view from inside the castle they would have had to mention that adding four turbines would mean six turbines pretty much in a line from close to the castle across open countryside. In the distance there are the large turbines of the Lammermuirs on the skyline. If nothing else, cumulative impact would have applied. We would have been spared the distress of seeing not only views from and to Dirleton Castle ruined but also the lovely first view of the Bass Rock as Dirleton is approached from Gullane.

It seems a strange defence to say if the farm had looked beautiful, with say an orchard, Historic Scotland would have objected. To win the wind farm jackpot, just make sure your place looks a mess!

This is a famous tourist area and to think we are going to host The Open with these whirling machines on the doorstep. There must be something that can be done with planning law having been flouted.

Celia Hobbs

Peebles Road, Penicuik

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