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Offshore windfarm

The decision of the Conservative and Labour councillors on East Lothian Council to ask Marine Scotland to review the impact of the proposed offshore wind farm north east of Dunbar and North Berwick is to be welcomed.

Apart from the possible impact on East Lothian’s iconic landscape, one must hope that the impact of between 64 and 125 proposed wind turbines on seabirds/life will also be taken into account.

The SNP Government’s obsession with wind energy which has been pursued despite far more local opposition than support, has already ruined much of the landscape in East Lothian and elsewhere in Scotland.

Now, the SNP Government also seems prepared to see the destruction of our seascape while it continues to pursue an energy policy of ill-conceived and financially unsustainable targets which have significantly increased consumer’s fuel bills. These seem likely to increase further as, according to the Royal Academy of Engineering, the cost per kilowatt/hour of electricity produced by an offshore wind turbine is 7.2p compared to 2.2p from gas,2.3p from nuclear and 2.5p from coal.

SNP Councillor McLennan is reported to have claimed that the offshore wind farm would produce ‘significant job opportunities’. However, all the evidence from onshore wind farms/turbines is that such opportunities are minimal with the majority of production and employment benefits going overseas.

Finally, SNP Councillor MacKenzie is reported to have claimed that, as time goes by, people tend not to notice ‘large things’ and therefore, after a few months, we will fail to notice these turbines.

This is laughable. What about the turbine (which SNP ward Councillor Berry failed to oppose) at Dirleton Castle? Not only is this a permanent eyesore (and dangerously close to the road) but also a legacy of the SNP’s flawed, costly and undemocratic energy policy.

Tim Jackson


Whim Road, Gullane

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